Monday, October 15, 2007

Player columns

Most player columns leave me cold - nothing insightful, nothing new that I did not know already - humdrum and so bloody same - looks like the same ghost is writing every article.

Not this one though from Jonny Wilkinson - writing this after a deadly game which England won against all odds against France in Paris to get into the finals of the Rugby World Cup (again). Give it a read even if you don't get rugby (I don't), even if you don't know who he is, or what he has achieved for his (sports mad) country. His sleep problems, the tension when he is lining up to kick the penalty with 5 minutes to go and his walks to tire himself to sleep - wonderful - things we all could relate to in our own lifes (at a different scale perhaps).

Go on, read it!

PS: had disappeared from here. Hopefully am back for good now. Less of cricket, more of the other stuff - that I am sure of.

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Anonymous said...

Mate, glad to see you writing again. If you are spending time on the blog, you need to tell me a time when you can be on yahoo messenger and let us have a chat. It has been ages and it will be great to chit-chat.